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Teams of 2, 3 or 4 contestants join forces to build a cardboard box designed to slide down the slope at NES. Corporate teams must have 4 company employees per box.

Your box should reflect this year’s theme "Winter Olympics - Past and Present". The boxes may only use cardboard, tape, glue, wax and decoration and only the cardboard and wax may touch the snow.

Teams are paired up and race down the hill in a round-robin style elimination. Awards are given for fastest box, best decoration and most impressive self-destruction.


Corporate teams are invited to enter for a $50 registration fee. Individual teams may enter for free. Registration begins at 11:00am with first round races at 12:00pm and finals to follow. Spectators are welcome at no charge, and will enjoy an outdoor BBQ and music.

There will also be skiing and riding 9:30 – 4:00 for just $15 (4 and under free). Funds raised from this event will go towards Northeast Slopes’ operating expenses and hill improvements.

Answer to Treasure Hunt clue: "Deer stnd"
(found between bottom half of two trails furtherst skier's left)

Results from Vintage Ski Race
 Feb 19th 2012
Category #1 - 30-50yrs - Straight Skis
Name 1st Run   2nd Run   Best Run   Place
Colin Faherty 30.48   27.51   27.51   #1
Wade Pierson 28.50   DNF   28.50   #2
Marnita Leach 35.55   35.97   35.55   #3
Jeanie Eaton 45.80   43.83   43.83   #4
Category #2 - 50yrs+ - Straight Skis
Name 1st Run   2nd Run   Best Run   Place
Geoff Putnam DNF   48.38   48.38   #1
Erling Heistad 67.21   54.62   54.62   #2
Category #3 - Wooden Skis with Metal Edge
Name 1st Run   2nd Run   Best Run   Place
Colin Faherty 40.94   36.18   36.18   #1
Charlie Chandler 41.37   36.24   36.24   #2
Ebben Whitehair 57.00   42.95   42.95   #3
Erling Heistad 45.32   46.68   45.32   #4
Kim Rhinlander 54.45   46.39   46.39   #5
Category #4 - Strictly Vintage - Best in Show
Name 1st Run/Best Run   Place
Colin Faherty 45.57   #1
Erling Heistad 60.57   #2
Kim Rhinlander 101.95   #3

Land Speed Record on Rope Tow

On Sunday February 19th four of NES Directors closed the t-bar to public access temporarily while they set out to beat the existing land speed record for a rope tow (12 mph).  They measured a 20 foot start up area and 100 yrd timed section, removing the limiter chip to achieve a fast time of 25.5 mph over the timed course and 27.63 mph to the top of the hill.  Way to go NES.

Rope Tow Speed Test - 20ft Start - 100 Yard Timed Section
Description       Distance (ft)   Skier   Time   Ft/s   MPH
Limiter Chip In   300   Wade   12.92   23.22   15.83
Limiter Chip Out 300   Wade   8.02   37.41   25.50
Limiter Chip Out 300   Colin   8.27   36.28   24.73
Limiter Chip Out 300   Genevieve   8.31   36.10   24.61
Run To Top - No Chip 1200   Colin   29.61   40.53   27.63


Please note: If you plan to ride the rope tows, we recommend you bring inexpensive leather work-gloves.  These are sold at the lodge for $8 in case you forget.  Due to insurance restrictions, Northeast Slopes cannot offer ski or snowboard rentals. 

Snow-tubing and sledding are strictly prohibited!


Want to be a part of our all volunteer crew?  You can help run lifts and assist at special events. No experience necessary.

See our Contact page Or Contact us via Facebook.  For other skiing opportunities in Vermont, check out the Ski Vermont website!


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